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Try It First…with a Customized Sample Pack from DEFEND


A friend of mine recently suggested I try a new shampoo she loved. I tend to buy from the budget end of the shampoo aisle and this “great” shampoo my friend was prattling on about was on the pricey end, but I plunked down my money anyway. You probably know where this is going. I hated it. So now I’ve spent too much money for something I can’t bring myself to use again. In the hall closet it sits.

Now, if I had been able to try a sample of this shampoo I could have learned the same thing without spending so much money. That’s where you dentists have it so good. Lots of product manufacturers offer samples so that you can try new products without spending money. You can pinpoint the products you like based on the samples you try and make informed decisions that benefit your bottom line and provide the best care for your patients.

Mydent International, for example, has a great sampling program that lets you choose from a wide range of their products. You can sample everything from masks and gloves to impression trays, impression material, and mixing

tips…and a whole lot of other products. If you click here, you can go right to their sample request form where you can create your own sample pack. Just give them a bit of info and then choose from a wide range of DEFEND products you’d like to receive in your customized sample pack.

Next time my friend tries to talk me into buying something I’ve never tried before, I think I’ll send her a sample request form!

Click here to request FREE samples from Mydent (based on availability).

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