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Try This New Best Product…Quick!


An excellent bonding material is essential to a successful restoration, and the ideal bonding agent should be quick and easy to use, offer versatility for a variety of procedures, and provide excellent adhesion. Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a truly universal adhesive with unique rapid bond 

technology that meets all of these requirements and reduces postoperative sensitivity as well. Using CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick in self etch mode yields very fast, reliable results, says Kuraray, and the bonding agent can also be used in total etch and selective etch with amazing results.

In our recent Dental Product Shopper evaluation of CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick, a team of dentists liked this material so much that they gave it our coveted Best Product award. Here we share the details of one of those evaluators, Dr. John Horn, a general dentist in Hegins, PA.

Like many dentists, Dr. Horn was seeking a simpler solution to his bonding procedures. He tried CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick and decided that “quick” was a perfect name for the product, commenting, “Quick is just that...very quick; and simple to use.” And when measuring a dental practice’s productivity, a quicker procedure is very important.  Calling it “as simple to use as it gets,” Dr. Horn said this material definitely decreased his chairside patient treatment time.

Obviously, Dr. Horn says, “An excellent bonding material is essential for all direct or indirect procedures for a successful outcome.” He concluded that CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick “is a versatile, easy to use product with excellent outcomes.” He did suggest that Kuraray improve the bottle dispenser and mentioned that it flowed quickly and led to some wasted material.

While evaluating CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick for DPS, Dr. Horn kept track of all of the procedures on which he used the material and reported:   “Over the course of 5 to 6 weeks I used Quick on 113 patients and performed 158 direct composite restorations on these patients. 97 were posterior and the remaining were anterior restorations. In total I used 8 different composite brands, 2 flowable composites, 1 core paste and 1 RMGI. To date I have had no complaints of post op sensitivity or debonds with any of these restorations.”

A truly universal adhesive with unique rapid bond technology, CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick really does reduce procedure time and achieves consistent, predictable results, according to Dr. Horn.

Read the full evaluation here.

Watch how easy it is to use CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick.

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