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Ultradent Introduces Solution for Overlooked Source of Hand/Wrist Fatigue


Hygienists, where do you see the benefits of ergonomics in your daily routine? It may be the chair you’re sitting on, the layout of the delivery system for your handpieces, or your loupes, which can prevent neck strain and enable you to evaluate the oral cavity more easily. You’re worried about pains in your back and neck, but what about pains in your hand, wrist, forearm, and arm? The design of the equipment you’re holding for many cumulative hours during the week matters.

When discussing hand/wrist fatigue for the hygienist, much attention has been given to scaling, the more physically “intense” procedure of a routine hygiene appointment. However, similar attention should be given to prophylaxis equipment because of similar strains to the hand/wrist. It’s no surprise that lightweight instruments help to reduce muscle workload and pinch force, but that’s not the only factor that matters. According to a study published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene*, the risk factors associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand disorders also include repetitive hand motions, sustained awkward wrist postures, and vibration. 

The engineers at Ultradent know that the combination of preventive techniques and the design of the equipment you use can have long-term impacts on your ability to practice. Take a few minutes to read the company’s blog, 5 Easy Exercises to Help Dental Professionals Prevent Hand & Wrist Fatigue, and then take a closer look at Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis equipment family, including the Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece, the Ultrapro Tx Skini prophy angle, and the Ultrapro Tx Extra prophy angle. 

Below are 5 things to know about each of these recently introduced products, which are also highlighted in the following video: 

Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece

1. Reduces hand and arm fatigue thanks to its ergonomic, light-weight, aluminum design and 360° swivel

2. Has a soft-start motor that minimizes splatter and is vibration-free to maximize patient comfort 

3. Safely performs prophylaxis by reducing friction and heat when polishing the patient’s teeth, allowing it to clean effectively while still protecting the enamel

4. Has a universal e-type motor that can be used with other attachments and nose cones

5. Can be used with all disposable prophy angles for convenience

Ultrapro Tx Skini disposable prophy angle 

1. Minimizes hand fatigue with its ergonomic shape 

2. Has a 20% shorter head and 25% slimmer neck, offering excellent access and an unobstructed view for the clinician

3. Offers improved interproximal cleaning, internal blades to reduce splatter

4. Features a smooth, quiet gear design

5. Offers optimal flare, as well as contra-angle and right-angle design options

Ultrapro Tx Extra disposable prophy angle

1. Has an ergonomic design and smooth, quiet gear function that facilitates an excellent experience in comfort for both the clinician and the patient

2. Features external ridges for improved interproximal cleaning

3. Has improved internal webbing for reduced splatter

4. Features optimal cup flare

5. Is available with a tapered brush

Visit to learn more about the Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis equipment family, as well as Ultrapro Tx prophy paste and Ultrapro Tx Pure prophy paste. 

* Dong H, Barr A, Loomer P, Rempel D. The effects of finger rest positions on hand and muscle load and pinch force in simulated dental hygiene work. J Dent Hyg [Internet]. 2005 [cited 2014 Feb 10]; 69(4): 453-460. Available from Registration required for access.

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