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Ultrapak – the Original Knitted Cord


Ultrapak – the Original Knitted Cord

Ultrapak cordEver since introducing its flagship product, Astringedent, in 1978, Ultradent has been known for its award-winning tissue management line of products. The invention of Astringedent paved the way to other tissue management products, including ViscoStat, ViscoStat Clear, Astringedent X, and Ultrapak, the original knitted cord.

Prior to Ultrapak, all retraction cords were either twisted or braided, which each posed challenges to a clinician. When packing a twisted cord, the instrument can slip between the fibers of the cord. Braided cord eliminated that problem, but, due to its tightly packed fibers and rigidity, it was difficult to pack into the sulcus. With the invention of the first knitted cord, Ultrapak, clinicians discovered the perfect solution - a flexible cord that’s easy to pack into place, absorbs fluids, and expands for adequate retraction.

Ultrapak cord compressing Unlike braided or twisted cord, knitted Ultrapak cord is comprised of thousands of tiny, interlocking loops so it compresses and expands easily. The fibers are made of 100% cotton for high absorption of hemostatic agents and sulcular fluids. As a clinician packs the flexible Ultrapak cord into the sulcus, the knitted loops compress and gently open to obtain optimal tissue displacement in 1-3 minutes.

Because Ultrapak displaces tissue quickly, impression material captures detailed margins, resulting in accurate final impressions. During restorative procedures, the cord can be soaked in an astringent for complete hemostasis, and the cord does not get tangled in diamond burs. 

“Not only does Ultrapak retract well, it does not let composite get imbedded into it,” shared cosmetic dentist, Michael Teitelbaum, DMD, MAGD, FACD. “You can place the cord, sculpt composite right up next to it, and harden it, knowing you'll still be able to pull the cord out without having to go digging for little stringy leftovers.”

ultrapakEach size of cord is identified with a different bright color, making the cord easy to locate for removal. Ultrapak is available in 6 sizes (000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3), and Ultrapak E, which is impregnated with racemic epinephrine hydrochloride, is available in 4 sizes (00, 0, 1, 2).

Cutting cord is made easy with Ultrapak’s CleanCut design, which features a high carbon steel blade in the bottle cap, and a thin plastic gate prevents cord from falling back into the bottle after cutting. A ruler is printed on the bottle label for convenient cord measuring.



Learn more about Ultrapak, Ultrapak E, and  other tissue management products on Ultradent’s website


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