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Ultrapro Tx: A Complete Family of Hygiene Products


Ultrapro Tx: A Complete Family of Hygiene Products

Like peanut butter and jelly, Mickey and Minnie, birthdays and cake, some items just belong together, almost like they were made for each other. The same is true with some dental products – they just plain work well together. For instance, Ultradent’s Ultrapro Tx line is a tight knit family of products that complement each other when used together but also work well by themselves.

The Ultrapro Tx family consists of 3 innovative products – the Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece, Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles, and Ultrapro Tx prophy paste. Two of these products – the handpiece and prophy angles - were evaluated by DPS and each earned the prestigious Best Product award, which speaks volumes about the quality of these products.

UltraPro Tx Prophy angles, paste, handpieces

UltraproTx Air HandpieceUltrapro Tx Air handpiece

Used by dentists and hygienists alike, the Ultrapro Tx Air is a lightweight slow-speed handpiece with a 360-degree swivel and an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue while minimizing vibration and noise. Weighing just 2.2 ounces at 3.9 inches long, the Ultrapro Tx Air features a soft-start motor to minimize splatter yet removes tough stains at a maximum speed of 4,000 RPMs.

“It is so light and friendly on the hands,” exclaimed hygienist Cristina Brasuel, RDH, one of several dental professionals who recently evaluated the Ultrapro Tx Air for DPS. Describing the Ultrapro Tx Air as a very nice low speed for prophy use, Dr. Donald Roman said it was “smooth and quiet with good speed control…the motor does not bind.” Dr. Suzanna McAninley called it “quiet, lightweight, and easily cleansable” and said, “Ultradent makes great products and this handpiece is no different.”

With an autoclavable motor and nose cone, the Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece is compatible with any disposable prophy angle, but Ultradent suggests that you give their Ultrapro Tx prophy angles a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Ultrapro Tx Prophy Angles

disposable prophy anglesContinuing the theme of improved ergonomics for clinicians, Ultradent designed the Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles to help reduce hand and arm fatigue. Featuring a smooth-running, quiet gear design and firm or soft cups with optimal flare, they are available in Original, Extra, Skini, and Sweep prophy angle types to meet a variety of needs. Extra and Skini prophy angles are available in right-angle and contra-angle options, Sweep prophy angles feature an innovative brush guard to significantly reduce splatter, and Original prophy angles come with a tapered or non-tapered brush.

Prophy Angles In a 2020 DPS evaluation of the Ultrapro Tx Sweep disposable prophy angles, hygienists raved about its unique ability to sweep extra paste and fluids out of the way, allowing the user to continue working with fewer stops for paste refills. “It’s amazing how splatter was basically reduced to zero,” said Monica Rogers, RDH, who says the Ultrapro Tx Sweep disposable prophy angles “make the appointment more efficient because you don’t have to stop to manage a prophy cup that’s wrapped in thick saliva.” She concluded, “In my opinion, this is the most innovative angle to come on to the market since I began practicing 20 years ago.”

Prophy pastesUltrapro Tx prophy paste

Wrapping up the trio of Ultrapro Tx products is Ultrapro Tx prophy paste, which features a splatter-free formula and potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF) technology like many of Ultradent’s whitening products. The gluten-free paste comes in 4 great flavors (cool mint, walterberry, bubblegum, and orange dreamsicle) and in 3 grits (fine, medium, and coarse). Ultrapro Tx prophy paste rinses easily and completely to eliminate residual grittiness and is sold in convenient 2-gram unit dose cups.


For more information on all of the members of the Ultrapro Tx family, check out this video.

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