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Ultrasonic Cleaning You Can Trust


In many modern dental practices, ultrasonic cleaners play an essential role in keeping patients and practitioners safe from the dangers of infectious pathogens. Between each treatment, reusable patient-care items must undergo instrument processing, a multi-step endeavor that includes rigorous cleaning and sterilization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider ultrasonic cleaning a best practice for instrument processing as it is safer and more effective than manual scrubbing. Ultrasonic cleaning employs a process called cavitation in which bubbles form and grow in response to the passage of sound waves radiating away from a vibrating source or transducer through a liquid. Once they reach an unstable size, they implode releasing a shock wave of energy that penetrates deep into crevices, removing contaminants from the surface of objects.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner not only mitigates patient and staff exposure to harmful contaminants, it can also provide a significant boost to your practice’s productivity. For over 30 years, dental offices have trusted the efficiency and quality of COLTENE’s BioSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to meet their daily infection prevention needs. COLTENE’s most recent innovation, the BioSonic® UC150, continues this tradition and implements the latest technology to deliver an exceptionally versatile, efficient and convenient ultrasonic cleaning experience.

Featuring a sleek, Swiss design, the BioSonic® UC150’s versatility allows for use as either a countertop or recessed unit. Likewise, the UC150’s 1.5-gallon stainless steel tank possesses a small footprint yet sizeable capacity, holding up to four instrument cassettes. Customizable options on the unit include temperature and cycle time along with multiple cleaning modes.

Technological advancements make the BioSonic® UC150 even more efficient and convenient than its predecessors. The unit provides data logging and the ability to easily download device information via USB. Additionally, controlled heating and degas functions serve to minimize cleaning time and maximize efficiency. The UC150 features a glove-friendly, multilingual touchscreen that offers a simple and intuitive user interface. The unit also has an externally accessible drain for quick and easy draining. With quiet operation and open lid detection, the UC150 also contributes to a comfortable and safe work environment.

To learn more about the BioSonic® UC150 and watch demonstration videos, visit COLTENE’s website.


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