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Ultrawave—Power and Comfort Combined

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Patient comfort. Clinician comfort. I hear these two phrases a lot when speaking with the Dental Product Shopper board members and other dentists, hygienists, and assistants I know. The last thing any of the dental professionals wants is a tool or piece of equipment that’s going to make their patients squirm or that’s going to leave them with pain or discomfort. Or, even worse, a shortened career because of repetitive motion injuries.

The folks over at Ultradent recently interviewed Carol Jent, RDH, about the Ultrawave piezo ultrasonic device. The first question they asked was why she uses it and her answer was comfort for her and the patient. Specifically, she said, “Any ultrasonic power scaler will be faster and more efficient than hand scaling, but the Ultrawave piezo has the added advantage of being easier on the clinician from an ergonomic standpoint, and easier on the patient from a comfort standpoint.”

Ultrawave’s linear motion provides users with easier, more comfortable scaling, and it requires less water than other similar devices, which of course makes the whole experience much nice for the patient. It has tons of other features, too, including a unique color-coded system for matching tips to power settings and Reflex technology, which allows for automatic frequency adjustments.

You can read Carol’s interview here.

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