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Upcoming Shofu Dental Corp Lectures & Events


It’s that time of year in parts of the country where cabin fever is waning, snow is melting, and people are starting to emerge from hibernation (unless they were out doing winter sports or flying to warmer climes the whole time). In parts of the country where things don’t slow down much in the winter, people may be looking for something new to do. Attending one of the dozens of events Shofu Dental Corporation is hosting in locations from coast to coast will blow the dust off, engage your interest, and get the wheels of knowledge in your brain cranking again.

From hands-on operatory courses to lectures at different training facilities to sites like Loma Linda, Rutgers and Boston Universities, to various dental societies and study clubs, to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Eastern Dental Society, and the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, there are plenty of upcoming events and locations to choose from, whether you pick something local or go on a “road trip”! 

Topics and speakers range from Sleep Apnea with Dr. Jeff Horowitz, What’s Hot and Getting Hotter with Dr. Howard Glazer, How to Eat Candy and Potty Mouth with Dr. Brian Novy, Dental Photography and Zero Sensitivity with Dr. Marty Zase, The Esthetics of Occlusion and several other topics with Dr. Robert Lowe, Let’s Grow Tooth with Dr. Jack Griffin, Team Approach to Aligner Success with Dr Ataii and Shannon Brinker, Hands On Indirect Dentistry with Dr. Ron Kaminer, and many more.

Check out the schedule and locations from coast to coast and throughout the heartland, and get on out there for a change of scene and a professional recharge.

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