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Update: Dentrix G7 Having Real Impact on User Workflow


It’s one thing to read about an important update to your practice management system. It’s another to try it out first-hand. Finally, the much-anticipated Dentrix G7 has been released and dentists are experiencing the new features for themselves.  

If you have a technologically integrated practice, you may already know that Dentrix is much more than dental software. Over time, this division of Henry Schein One has worked to make incremental changes to its practice management software, combining clinical tools with marketing and patient engagement solutions. Dentrix continues its improvements with the Dentrix G7 update, which includes features to connect integrated eServices and the clinical workflow with the practice management system.

When Dentrix G7 was first announced earlier this year, key areas of improvement took precedence, including health history, imaging, passwords, and scheduling. Dental Product Shopper recently caught up with Fred H. Peck, DDS, to find out how these updates are impacting his practice.

Health History

The new Healthy History Module stores everything from patient’s allergies, conditions, and medical alerts. In addition, allergies or medical conditions checked off by patients in the Questionnaire Module will automatically transfer into a quick health snapshot that can be seen from several key places within Dentrix.

User reaction: “My hygienist likes the Health History Module update,” said Dr. Peck. “We update information every time a patient comes in for hygiene care, so it’s now easier to do that. It takes a little less time, and it gets done quicker and more efficiently.”

Dentrix Smart Image

This new feature allows any imaging vendor to integrate into Dentrix, empowering clinicians to choose the vendors that are best for them. Image thumbnails are stored in the Dentrix Patient Chart, where they are opened, enlarged, and optimized using a diagnostic viewer. Users can select and view up to 6 patient images at once from 2D or 3D image types. The system streamlines the clinical workflow by allowing clinicians to select the right image, at the right time, with the right sensor.

User reaction: “Instead of just taking the x-ray and then having to manipulate all these things about where the x-ray goes, it’s more intuitive,” said Dr. Peck.

Dentrix Passwords

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, so does Dentrix’s protection against them. Dentrix G7 now uses a multilayer security approach, requiring all users to have passwords that require higher complexity and expiration. Automatic resets are issued every 90, 180, or 365 days, or an immediate system-wide password reset.

User reaction: “We had a HIPAA consultant come in this year and really review all of our security policies, and new password requirements fit in perfectly with that,” said Dr. Peck.

Fill Appointment

Dentrix G7 now features a month-end task schedule that users can set and forget. All month-end tasks and reports can be scheduled to run automatically. Additionally, it’s easier to communicate with patients. Dentists no longer have to jump on the phone after last-minute cancellations, as the intuitive Fill Appointment feature lets users send a custom text message about open appointments to groups of patients on specific lists, without leaving Dentrix.

User reaction: “What I do is dentistry, but I’m hearing a lot of good things from my staff on which features they like and how Dentrix is making their lives easier,” said Dr. Peck.

Learn more about Dr. Peck’s experience and the impact Dentrix G7 can have on your practice in the New Products feature in the August issue of Dental Product Shopper

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