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Upgrading Core Equipment? Keep It Simple


Over the years, much attention has been given to the patient’s experience in the dental chair. This led to chairs with wide plush seats and armrests—a dental “lounge chair” of sorts. It might have been more comfortable for the patient, but it often led to discomfort for dental professionals, who often had to twist and reach over the patient for better access to the oral cavity. Vision, or a lack thereof, greatly impacts ergonomics.

The dental chair is arguably the focal point of the operatory’s core equipment. Distracted by touchpads and technology, one can easy lose sight of the definition of “ergonomic.” It’s not just about comfort; it’s also about efficiency. Keep in mind that patients may only be in the dental chair for a couple of hours per year, depending on their treatment needs. On the other hand, the dental professional works in coordination with this chair for hours each day.

The NuSimplicity Chair from DENTALEZ Equipment offers solutions in 4 ways: ergonomic design, simplicity, flexibility, and technology integration. The slim 12.75-inch width at the top of the chair allows the patient to be reclined close to the operator’s knees, eliminating problematic reaching and twisting, and providing optimum access to the oral cavity.

True to its name, NuSimplicity offers simple chair control, while also reaching for new heights in the most literal sense with wide-range height adjustment—15 inches to 35.5 inches—to accommodate sit-down and stand-up dentistry. DENTALEZ’s exclusive air glide provides the ability to move the chair with the patient seated, at the touch of a finger.

 NuSimplicity is also designed to be versatile and has an optional IV armboard, IV bag stand, and body straps for oral surgery. Its technology integrations also meet the demands of the modern practice, with optional USB port and wireless controls to eliminate clutter from the touch pad and foot control. To that point, much thought was given to NuSimplicity’s base plate design, which not only allows closer placement of operator stools for improved patient access, but also provides easy routing of tubing and wires. Overall, NuSimplicity’s slim profile provides a clean and uncluttered environment.

Getting a Closer Look

 In addition to building chairs that provide clear sight lines and direct access to the oral cavity, DENTALEZ also improves sight with precision dental operatory lighting options:

 The Simplicity LED operatory light offers smooth rotation and 3 axis adjustments to allow for a wide range of light positioning to better view the oral cavity. Users can control the light manually or with a hands-free sensor, while the ergonomic handles allow for operator comfort. Low, medium, and high settings offer more flexibility. If you’d like an LED upgrade without purchasing a new unit, DENTALEZ also offers a retrofit kit to upgrade your current Simplicity halogen light to LED.

The CORE LED offers convenient, hands-free sensor adjustment; removable, autoclavable handles that can be repositioned 360 degrees, and crisp focus that doesn’t stray into patients’ eyes. Users can turn on/off and change intensity levels to either a low, medium, or high light.

Another possibility is DENTALEZ’s EverLight LED, which provides precise lighting similar to natural daylight, and has 9 color and intensity settings, including color matching. It stays cool without the need for reflectors or fans, reduces energy costs, and lasts longer than halogens. It also offers a 23% improvement in its Color Rendering Index to ensure more accurate color matching than the original EverLight, according to the company.

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