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Versatile Diode laser with Two Wavelengths

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The SiroLaser Advance Plus from Dentsply Sirona is a diode laser that comprises both a diode laser and a red diode. Its 970 nm wavelength can cover any indication for soft-tissue surgery, periodontology, and endodontics. With the additional red 660 nm diode, it can be used for “low-level-laser therapy” or LLLT. That provides an additional 20 clinical situations in which the SiroLaser Advance Plus can be used. Among the SiroLaser’s features are a single-use fiber management system, pre-set programs for key clinical techniques, 24 programmable applications for individual customization, improved bacterial reduction, less post-operative pain, touchscreen navigation, and user-friendly prompts. The handpiece has an ergonomic design and it’s battery-operated, so very portable.

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