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Versatile Diode laser with Two Wavelengths


SiroLaser Advance Plus

The SiroLaser Advance Plus from Dentsply Sirona is a plus for your practice.

The SiroLaser Advance Plus is a diode laser that comprises both a diode laser and a red diode. It is designed for experts and less experienced users alike. Its 970 nm wavelength can cover any indication for soft-tissue surgery, periodontology, and endodontics. With the additional red 660 nm diode, it can be used  for “low-level-laser therapy” or LLLT. That provides an additional 20 clinical situations in which the SiroLaser Advance Plus can be used. Among the SiroLaser’s features are a single-use fiber management system, pre-set programs for key clinical techniques, 24 programmable applications for individual customization, improved bacterial reduction, less post-operative pain, touchscreen navigation, and user-friendly prompts. The handpiece has an ergonomic design and it’s battery-operated, so very portable.

With SiroLaser Advance Plus, you'll enjoy intuitive and versatile use to fully concentrate on each patient. 

SiroLaser Advanced Plus Dental Laser

The wavelength of the rays is the decisive factor. What a laser can do depends on the wavelength, which determines absorption, meaning the reaction of the light with tissue. This means that the laser energy is transferred to the tissue. Depending on the wavelength, different indications are covered. The wavelength depends on the kind of laser. In a diode laser, the laser beam is generated using a laser diode.

Wireless battery operation ensures you can move between rooms all day, without a problem. Featuring individual settings for up to six users, SiroLaser Advance Plus also comes with a comprehensive equipment package so you can manage your preferences with ease.

The SiroLaser Advance Plus is easy to operate and includes useful features. Nevertheless, courses and training seminars are available for you to complete your treatment safely and successfully. Dentsply Sirona offer various training events at which you can learn the treatment with the SiroLaser Advance Plus or the principles of working safely with the laser.


Scope of Delivery for Versatile Diode Laser

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