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VIDEO: Maxcem Elite Chroma Takes on Biggest Challenges of Cement Cleanup

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What are your biggest challenges when seating a dental restoration? On one hand, there’s visibility and determining when to remove the cement. Related to that challenge is material handling during cleanup. When material color is similar to tooth color throughout the procedure, it’s hard to tell when you’ve reached the ideal time to clean up excess cement around the margins, ensuring success of the restoration and helping to prevent postoperative complications.

To address these challenges, Kerr Restoratives developed Maxcem Elite Chroma, which displays the optimal time to remove excess cement. According to Dental Product Shopper evaluators, it works better than cements they’ve used in the past—so much better that it earned a “Best Product” designation.

How does Maxcem Elite Chroma work, exactly? The material dispenses pink, but is formulated with a unique gel-state color indicator that causes the pink color to fade when it reaches the gel state, indicating when to remove any remaining material. Once the excess cement is ready to be removed, it will easily peel off with one-peel cleanup.

Maxcem Elite Chroma’s ease of cleanup and overall ease of use were the 2 highest-rated criteria in the DPS evaluation. Easier cleanup means less scaling and scraping, which causes less trauma to the gum tissue, evaluators explained. There’s also a significant time-saving advantage to this material. One dentist said Maxcem Elite Chroma minimized the number of steps in the process, while another reported being able to cement multiple units without the need for an amalgamator.  

As a dental assistant summarized, “We have to get numerous products out just to seat the restoration. A lot of prep work went into the cementation. With Maxcem Elite [Chroma], it’s easy on the patient as far as cleaning up the excess cement, and it’s easy on the doctor or assistant.”

Get a closer look at how Maxcem Elite Chroma works in the video below. Dr. Donald Jirovec of Prairie Village, KS, was randomly selected from the audience, which I can verify because I was there for the demo!

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