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Vista’s Innovation Can Turbo Charge Your Practice


Innovation – it’s what helps the dental industry continue to serve patients in new and better ways all the time. But where does that innovation come from? One place is a manufacturer like Vista Dental Products, which currently has more than 300 items available to clinicians and continues to develop new solutions all the time.

Among Vista’s newest releases are the Phasor composite warmer, the VALIANT multispectral curing light and SmearOff, a 2-in-1 endodontic solution that removes smear layer and kills bacteria.

Vista has a number of patents and patents pending, enabling the company to continue to build on its tradition of innovation since 1997. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and leverages the expertise of clinicians, engineers, scientists and more.

Vista prides itself on developing innovative, high-quality products across a broad spectrum of categories important to clinicians. You’ll find:

  • Endodontic irrigation products
  • Ultrasonic tips and equipment
  • In-office and take-home whitening products
  • Composite delivery systems
  • Tissue management products

Vista also offers competitively priced alternatives to popular products with its Comparison Line. Vista developed this line to give dentists a high-quality but lower-cost alternative to expensive direct selling companies’ products. Vista estimates that practices can save up to $15,000 a year by converting all of their products from direct selling competitors to Vista.

A great way to learn more about Vista’s products is through their many catalogs; in fact, one is customized just for dental assistants, since, according to the American Dental Assistants association, the dental assistant is usually who has the primary responsibility of supply ordering for the practice. Vista also has a catalog that can assist practices interested in converting to Vista. That catalog lists each Vista item alongside its competitor and how much they would save by switching.

Vista offers themed sample packs to offices interested in integrating Vista’s products into their practice but would like to try them out first. Options include a tissue management sample pack, restorative sample pack, endodontic solutions sample pack and a specialty tips sample pack. See for yourself how Vista’s innovative approach can help your practice save money and succeed.

To learn more about Vista or request a sample pack, visit

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