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Welcome to Belmont’s Design Center


I’m not a design guru and, frankly, don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I sure did have fun designing my own dental operatory on Belmont Equipment’s website!  When planning a new office or remodeling your existing space, Belmont’s Design Center is a perfect way to envision exactly what your new setup will look like. 

Here’s how you can configure your operatory and create your own unique virtual workspace.

Go to Belmont’s Design Center.  

Choose a room layout – open or closed – and then select a paint color for the walls. My room was kind of a boring gray color, but at least it’s neutral.

Next, you have a choice of wood floors or tile (I picked tile because they’re easier to clean and I’m somewhat of a germophobe) and voila – your room is instantly outfitted with beautiful new flooring.

On the next page you get to choose the patient chair. When I played around with the design center, my patient chair options were the luxurious yet practical Quolis Q5000 or the traditional and stylish X-Calibur V B50N .  When I clicked on the Quolis, the chair magically appeared in my “room” and then I was able to pick the upholstery style and chair color.

Next I decide upon a delivery unit, and I’m guessing the options change based on the chair selected. My delivery unit options were the efficient Quolis QDU, the practical EVOGUE EVG,  or the convenient X-Calibur BDS,  and you then have a choice of mounting options (over-the-patient, swing, or cabinet mount).

Now that my chair has a delivery unit, it’s time to pick the light – the Bel-Halo LED, the Clesta LED, or the Clesta Halogen Dental Light.

The list goes on as you choose cabinetry and work surfaces, along with colors for each.

At the end – presto! Your newly designed treatment room jumps on the page in full color, completely decked out with all the options that you selected.

Download your results and save them for future reference. And…if you don’t like what you see, no harm done, just start over and design a new room.  The entire process took me less than 10 minutes.

Check  out my virtual treatment room in the photo above and click here to go to Belmont’s Design Center and start designing your virtual operatory!


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