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What Are You Looking for in an Electric Handpiece System?


Based on what I’ve heard my dentist friends complain and rave about when they talk about electric handpieces, I’m pretty sure I can guess what they’d like to have more of and what they could do without.

For more, they want power and torque to handle tough crowns and multiunit cases. For less, they want reduced noise and weight…both of which aren’t just annoying to the patient and dentist, but also can have an impact on clinician health and career longevity.

Apparently Dentsply Sirona was listening in on those conversation because the Midwest E Pro electric handpiece system has taken care of both. It provides up to 3.0 Ncm of torque to handle tough cases, but it’s also small (1.25 inches long), lightweight (59 grams), and super quiet.

In addition to meeting those requirements, the system has an adjustable LED lighting, a short-nosed E-type connection, LCD color touchscreen controls, four user-defined pre-sets for prep and endo, 28 customizable pre-programmed gear ratios and 2 user-defined ratios…and a whole lot more.

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