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What’s Your Practice Design Style?


I’m a huge fan of TV design shows. I’m no good at that kind of thing myself, but I love to watch the experts take a room (or whole house) that’s blah and boring (or a complete disaster) and turn it into something that’s both stylish and efficient.

I recently discovered this super helpful questionnaire that’s part of Midmark’s practice design brochure. It asks questions that can help you get to the bottom of your personal and practice style. Questions like:

  • What do you like about your current operatory design?
  • What aspects of your current operatory design don’t allow you to deliver quality care?
  • What image do you want your future operatory design to portray to your patients?

Then the questions get more detailed, asking about things like the size of your practice, how you clean instruments, and whether you prefer closed or open design concepts.

In other words, the questions really get to the heart of the matter so you can choose the delivery units, cabinetry, and casework that are right for you and your practice and allow you to provide the best care possible for your patients.

If you’re thinking about a practice redesign (or you’re in the process of purchasing a new practice), I recommend you take a look at the questionnaire to help you make those choices. You might also want to take a look at Midmark’s Synthesis and Artizan product lines.

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