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What to Consider When Buying Loupes

Think about when you last purchased a set of loupes. What factors went into your decision to purchase? Likely cost was a factor – you’re not alone if you’re using hand-me-down loupes or if you scaled back in quality to save some cash.

However, loupes, as extensions of your eyes, are worthy of some investment—both in the time it takes to find a pair right for your needs, and in the cost required to get a quality piece of equipment.

Orascoptic has broken down many of the factors to consider when choosing a pair of loupes. Orascoptic’s loupes are divided into Galilean lenses, which offer excellent field width and depth at lower magnification levels, and prismatic, which gives the clinician higher magnification in a compact telescope with good field depth.

From there, the clinician has other considerations:

Telescope Configurations

Three main configurations are available for your loupes.

  • Flip-Up: The telescopes flip up between procedures for an unimpeded view of the operatory.
  • Through-the-Lens: The telescopes are positioned closer to one’s eyes, enlarging the field of view. The fixed positioning of the telescopes prevents constant adjustments.
  • Through-the-Flip: This option combines characteristics of the through-the-lens and flip-up design, with an interchangeable insert for prescriptions or laser filters.


Field Width and Depth

Newer users may prefer a larger field width because it is easier to transition your instruments into view. With more field depth, you can see deeper into the cavity without repositioning or compromising your posture.


High-resolution loupes provide enhanced visual acuity, allowing clinicians to distinguish critical details often overlooked by the naked eye.

Angle of Declination

You can customize your angle of declination to your preference for patient positioning.

Frame Options

Your frame should support your type of magnification; otherwise the frame can bend or twist, distorting the telescope convergence.


Frames that feature adjustable nose pads, flexible hinges, bendable temple tips and various size offerings provide a more custom fit for the user.

If you didn’t do a lot of research on your current loupes, what is the likelihood that your current set matches your needs in all of these categories? You can find out more about Orascoptic’s options at

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