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When Bristle Design Matters


GUM Soft-PicksFood and plaque become trapped between teeth and can be difficult, even impossible in some areas, for patients to reach during tooth brushing. Patients need to be able to address this issue between professional cleaning appointments to safeguard oral soft and hard oral tissue health. Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS can easily be used to remove dental plaque and food debris between teeth and around crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and orthodontic appliances during oral homecare.

Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS have a special bristle design that reaches corners better in any sized interproximal space than other products tested, according to recent in vitro testing. GUM SOFT-PICKS have 6 rows of soft, flexible, thin tapered bristles (for a total of 76 bristles) that are longer compared to other leading brands that feature only 4 rounded or conical bristles. This design, combined with the flexible stem, enables GUM SOFT-PICKS to fit between teeth better to more effectively remove plaque and food scraps, and stimulate gums. Because they are soft and flexible, the bristles slide easily between the teeth, reaching areas that cannot be accessed with a toothbrush.

GUM SOFT-PICKS are available in a variety of sizes (original and Wider Spaces) and configurations (Comfort Flex and the curved Advanced) for use in small, medium, and large interproximal spaces. In smaller interproximal spaces, GUM SOFT-PICKS provided 43% better overall access and 91% better corner access than the other products tested. In medium interproximal spaces, overall access was 29% better and corner access was 3,700% better. In large interproximal spaces, GUM SOFT-PICKS were observed to be 70% better in overall access and 1,000% better for corner access.

Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS for Wider Spaces are 25% wider than the original. Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS Advanced have a longer, curved handle design with improved grip that helps patients reach any area of the mouth. Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS Comfort Flex feature a larger handle that may be easier for some patients to manipulate.

Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS technology has been clinically proven to remove dental plaque as efficiently as traditional dental floss, and to help reduce inflammation, bleeding, and gingivitis. Now their superior corner access has been shown to result in improved patient outcomes.

Sunstar GUM SOFT-PICKS received a 4.5 best product rating from Dental Product Shopper evaluators.

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