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Whitening for Everyone


Teeth Whitening for any Patient

KöR Whitening offers products and techniques to meet just about any patient’s needs.

Teeth Whitening can be frustrating and unpredictable. Whitening system companies continue to promise ease-of-use, no sensitivity, and outstanding results without delivering.

How does tooth whitening work?

Intrinsic tooth color is a result of large natural pigment and stain molecules trapped within the microstructure of your teeth. The larger the molecules, the more chromophores they contain, and the darker your teeth appear. All peroxide gels work by forming hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down to water, oxygen, and byproducts known for "bleaching factors" that lighten teeth. 

Optimum whitening results however, are achieved only when the whitening gel is fully potent, and is allowed an extended amount of time to diffuse throroughly into the micrstructure of the teeth. Researchers have found that whitening gel in conventional whitening trays are only actively working for 25-35 minutes due to rapid contamination by saliva. 

Kor Whitening trays are specifically designed to seal both saliva and fluid out of the trays, providing 6-10 hours of whitening activity! The result is a thorough cleansing of debris delivering true whiteness! Kor Whitening makes whitening for almost any type of patient.

Here’s a breakdown:Breakdown of KoR Whitening for Every Patient

KöR Home—This formulation is available for day or nighttime wear. If a patient can’t tolerate wearing a whitening teeth tray at night or experiences sensitivity, then KöR-Day (9% hydrogen peroxide) is a good choice. If the patient is fine with nighttime whitening wear and does not suffer from sensitivity, then go with KöR-Night (16%  carbamide peroxide).

KöR MAXThis is a versatile and very effective system that combines in-office whitening and take-home whitening. The take-home tray is worn at night with KöR-Night 16% carbamide peroxide, followed by an in-office treatment delivered with 34% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide Gel.

KöR ULTRA—This treatment starts with in-office conditioning with KöR 13% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel, followed by 3 to 4 weeks of at-home nighttime treatment, and ending with a final in-office whitening with 34% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel.

KöR ULTRA-T—This version is ideal for whiten previously untreatable tetracycline stains. Treatment works like this: in-office conditioning visit with KöR 13% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel, 6 to 8 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening, and final in-office whitening visit with KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri- Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel.

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