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Whitening Patient Education at Your Fingertips


As you’re well aware, patient education is critical no matter what procedure or treatment you’re proposing. Without it, you may end up with treatment refusal, nonadherence of treatment recommendations, or incorrect product usage.

The team at KöR Whitening understands this, so they created a web page specifically for patients, chock full of information in a variety of formats. You’ll find video instructions for both KöR Night and KöR Day along with downloadable written instructions. The site also includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, such as “How long does KöR Whitening last,” “How white will my teeth get,” and “Is there pain or discomfort with KöR Whitening.”

With this kind of manufacturer backup, you’re sure to get treatment acceptance and adherence. Both of which will lead to happy and satisfied patients.

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