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Why These Dental Hygiene Students Want Your Old Toothbrush


Students in the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Dental Hygiene program want your old toothbrush. They’ll also take your old toothpaste tubes and empty floss containers. Why!? Well it's all for a good cause, of course...actually it's for 2 good causes.

The students collect the used items and send them to a company called Terracycle, which turns them into benches, picnic tables, and playgrounds. The company pays about $2 per pound, and the students have raised at least $100. That amounts to 10 free x-rays for patients at UC Blue Ash’s low-cost dental hygiene clinic.

“Every single person bringing in their old toothbrush or their old, empty toothpaste tube, or floss container really generates quite a lot of waste and quite a lot of opportunity for revenue that we can put into access to patient care,” student Tana Weingartner told WOSO Radio.

So far the program has collected 8,200 items—donations from students, faculty, staff, and patients.  

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