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Working Hard, Working Smart


Life is full of hard-working helpers who don’t get the credit they deserve: the digital video recorder that remembers to capture a favorite show when you forget it’s on, a sturdy phone case that prevents a smashed screen even after repeated drops and even the local barista who knows your order as soon as you walk in.

It might be time to add ContactPro® SmartBands from Microbrush to that list of oft-forgotten lifesavers.

That’s because ContactPro SmartBands, indicated for Class II posterior restorations, are made with dentists’ needs in mind: a color-coding system helps the clinician quickly and easily find the band that matches the height of the tooth during restoration preparation. SmartTabs make grabbing and placing the band simple.

The bands themselves are curved and made of super-thin stainless steel that provides support and moisture resistance. Each band also has a clearly defined marginal ridge and sub-gingival extension, giving the dental professional the leverage to insert a wedge. While the bands’ flexibility contours well to the tooth, their strength will still last the entire restoration process. Once you’re ready to remove the band, the SmartTab comes in handy wrapping up your work quickly.

ContactPro SmartBands come in both coated and non-coated options, but the coated bands have an ultra-thin coated composite side to further ease slipping the band in and out of the restoration, a benefit when working on patients with crowded teeth and other dental challenges such as keeping the integrity of the composite. Plus, the coating won’t react with bonding agents during the restoration, so the results are reliable every time.

ContactPro SmartBands are available for purchase on their own or as part of the full ContactPro® Sectional Matrix System. Use them either with the full system or on their own, as they are universal to any sectional matrix rings. All band sizes are available in coated and uncoated; the bands are available in 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm and 7.5mm.

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