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Choosing Practice Management Software for Dental Practice Growth


Practice management software is complex and powerful

From image acquisition and procedure coding to patient re-care and scheduling. It’s fair to say that this software forms the backbone of any thriving practice, so the question is, do you have the right “bone structure” that offers flexibility and growth?

For all dental practices, new or established, choosing the right software platform is important not only for a seamless transition of data, but also for your ability to realize growth goals.

Right now, all practices are likely thinking about their 2020 growth goals. As the practice expands, the staff should be able to lean into their software more for improved efficiencies. This is exactly what practice software solution provider XLDent has taken into account with its phased implementation and why, if you visit, “Getting Started” is a key prompt. Practices select whether they’re an established practice or a new startup practice, and that ultimately informs their course of action.

Established Practices

For established practices, switching practice management systems comes down to transition and implementation. This process relies on 4 steps: Prepare, Implement, Review and Succeed. XLDent takes a “teach-a-bit-practice-a-lot” approach, not only training the staff on the software but also helping them to apply the tools within the XLDent Suite for maximum efficiency and productivity.

XLDent Practice management software cartoon Learn more about the XLDent Suite.

XLDent begins with a personal Implementation Specialist that guides the practice through the preparation process. In this stage, XLDent discusses software implementation goals and customizes a training plan to best suit your needs. Meanwhile, XLDent’s conversion team begins working to ensure that the practice database transfer contains as much information as possible and the data is converted accurately. Part of the implementation phase is helping the practice to identify administrative and clinical team leads as “go-to-staff” immediately following the training. XLDent also suggests job responsibility adjustments and offers guidance for optimal electronic workflows.

During the review phase, XLDent will assess the staff’s software competency and follow-up needs, and confirm that core business systems transitioned and are functioning efficiently. The practice will define its growth goals and identify supplemental XLDent resources to ensure success. Throughout and even after training, the team will have access to self-guided resources and toolkits, on-demand webinars, and live technical support.

xldent practice management software on computer as exampleNew Startup Practices

For startups, the phased implementation includes 5 steps: Plan, Build, Implement, Review, and Grow.

These steps are similar to the course of action for established practices, except the process begins with a Getting Started Coach and XLDent’s How-to Guide, which will help the practice personalize the software. During the Build phase, XLDent works with the practice to build a valuable EDR (electronic dental records) database, and select eSolutions best suited to the practice. Practices who chose XLDent likely did so for these cloud-based solutions, which offer the advantages of paperless workflow that’s mobile- and tablet-friendly. 

During the review process, practices will review XLDent reports to manage and track key metrics. In the final phase, XLDent helps the practice define 12-month business goals, create a plan to achieve these goals with milestones to keep the plan on track, and identify supplemental XLDent resources to ensure success.

Learn more about XLDent’s eSolutions.

When Dental Product Shopper conducted a current-user evaluation of XLDent, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in a DPS “Best Product” designation. The current users included established practices as well as startups.

Established practice: “When we converted to paperless operatories, it was a huge undertaking, and XLDent was there to help us in every step.” – Office Manager Lisa Meyer

Startup practice: “[Moving to XLDent is] “the best decision we made when doing a startup. [The] software is excellent, but the company behind the software is also excellent—a very winning combination.” – Office Manager Heidi Holeman

Read the full XLDent evaluation here.  

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