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Your Go-To Cement Makes Work EZ


Zest Dental Solution’s Cem EZ™, released last year, can be your go-to product when you need an adhesive resin cement. Cem EZ’s widespread compatibility with most adhesive systems makes it ideal for inlays, onlays, crowns and more.

Cem EZ was created with feedback from clinicians who also need a reliable cement for everyday use. The adhesive offers exceptional bond strength, long-term color stability, efficient adhesion and easy cleanup with an ideal working viscosity and a simple tack cure procedure. Cem EZ also protects against microleakage.

Dr. Troy Schmedding, owner of a California family dental practice, was interviewed at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting about his experience with Cem EZ. A frequent user of the product, Schmedding said he finds Cem EZ easy to use, and its color stability bests other products he’s used.

“You get no color change over time like you do with some older dual-cure resin cements,” he said.

Schmedding also said the ability to use Cem EZ with any adhesive has been key. “It’s very compatible with all bonding agents on the market,” he said, and that includes fourth, fifth and sixth generation products and universal adhesives. “It just doesn’t matter.”

He said Cem EZ’s competitive pricing also makes it a product worth a second look.

Cem EZ comes in three shades, translucent, warm and white opaque, so you can get just the aesthetic you want for a restoration. The look will please the patient, who can also rely on the strength and durability of the work.

You can learn more about Cem EZ at

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