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Your Practice Should Evolve at the Same Pace of Technology


Think for a moment about how far the phone has come in the past decade or two. From landlines to flip phones to the BlackBerry and the iPhone, and the many advancements that the smartphone has brought us in recent years. These innovations didn’t just happen to phones—medicine has advanced, and so have the tools that medical and dental professionals use every day.

It can be taxing to keep up with the latest technology when everything progresses so quickly, but it can be more difficult for a practice to stay competitive if it does not keep pace in the digital era. With Carestream Dental’s TechCheck, scheduling a consultation has never been easier to help dental professionals determine what their practice needs, what should be replaced, what should be updated, and what is still in working order.

Treating patients with the most cutting-edge technology can enhance your treatment outcomes, helping to grow a more efficient and productive practice. Making sure that your equipment is on par with today’s digital dentistry standards is an important part of that process. A technology consultant can help with: upgrading a 2D imaging system to a 3D system; installing new software that will assist the practice in a wide range of procedures; switching from traditional to digital impressions; and more.

Taking a second look at your current technology is also valuable in helping to build the patient-doctor relationship on a foundation of ethos and trust. Updating technology can help a practice offer a more robust range of services and safer treatment for patients, and is also useful when it comes to HIPAA-compliance. Perhaps more importantly, by keeping up-to-date with technology, you’ll be able to more confidently diagnose patients while letting them know you care about the latest and best dental technology. It’s reassuring for them, and it will keep moving you forward.

Tech consultants with Carestream Dental’s TechCheck can offer an in-depth assessment of your current practice and give honest suggestions to help make sure you’re keeping up with latest advancements in the dental field.

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