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Zest Solutions for Two Clinical Cases


A recent issue of Dental Product Shopper featured cases by two dentists using Zest Dental Solutions products: treating a full arch with a LOCATOR F-Tx temporary prosthesis followed by a fixed F-Tx prosthesis; and providing a bulk-filled direct restorative composite restoration.

A patient presented to Dr. Pär-Olov Östman with hopeless dentition in the maxilla, all of which had to be removed (Treatment with Full Arch-Supported Bridge, vol 11, no 8). She received a full maxillary prosthesis during healing, and a full-arch tooth-supported bridge in the mandible. After healing implants were placed in a one-stage procedure and, later, the full upper prosthesis was converted into a fixed LOCATOR F-Tx temporary prosthesis. The F-Tx abutment system from Zest Dental Solutions has a spherical abutment that is retained by PEEK retention balls that snap into place, which eliminates having to use prosthetic screws or cement. After 3 months, a CNC milled titanium/acrylic fixed F-Tx prosthesis was fabricated and delivered. Dr. Östman describes the steps and other materials involved in creating the framework, denture attachments, and final seating.

During a routine checkup, Dr. Troy Schmedding found that a patient had decay in her upper left second premolar, both mesially and distally (Use of a Dual-Cured Bulk Fill Restorative Composite, vol 11, no 8) . The patient decided to have a direct restorative composite restoration. The Mega V sectional matrix system from Danville Materials was used during restoration and after applying Prelude One light-curable, single-component self-etch adhesive, Bulk EZ dual-cure composite was placed, keeping the applicator tip embedded in the material to eliminate voids. After the tooth shape was obtained using a subtractive technique with diamond finishing burs and points, the restoration was light cured for 10 seconds on three sides to ensure it had been completely polymerized. Bulk EZ’s patent-pending IntelliTek Technology is designed to specifically control and direct shrinkage while preventing leakage.

The products offered by Zest Dental Solutions span many direct and indirect approaches to restorative care. For more information, click here.

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