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Zirlux Acetal: So Many Uses (That Require) So Little Time


A chipped tooth or a gap may be the source of embarrassment or self-consciousness for a patient. How you go about addressing that problem—including the materials you use—can make a big difference in how quickly and easily a patient can look and feel better.

With advancements in removables, many of these restorations can be done with minimally invasive interventions, saving time and cost for you and the patient. Plus, products used in these restorations, such as Zirlux Acetal, can blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Zirlux Acetal is a semi-flexible, thermoplastic tooth-colored material that, because it’s lightweight, hygienic and virtually unbreakable, has become an increasingly popular alternative to metal partials and invasive restorations. It comes out of the mill nearly polished, making the final steps of the workflow easier.

The acetal resin fits on the tooth instead of the tissue, minimizing discomfort and sore spots and enabling the patient to go about regular activities, such as talking and eating, without worrying about the stability or noticeability of the piece. It’s also highly moisture resistant.

In the lab, the millable Zirlux Acetal can produce precise results customized to your patient’s needs.  

Zirlux Acetal can also be used on more significant restorations in cases where veneers or orthodontia might be appropriate. It can be customized for a patient quickly, saving time over a longterm process like orthodontia. Plus, Zirlux Acetal is more affordable than both orthodontia or veneers, so it can give your patient more options for improving their smile, and you more options for increasing case acceptance and revenue for your practice.

If you’re looking to expand both your and your patients’ options for creating a more complete smile, you can learn more about Zirlux Acetal at

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