Case Presentation: 3D Printing with SprintRay Pro Video

Case Presentation ReCap: SprintRay Pro

More and more patients are experiencing cracked teeth and some kind of bruxism or TMJ issue. This can be attributed to added stressors and challenges people are facing with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Lawrence Fung, DDS, a clinical instructor at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry at UCLA, says it's more important than ever to get every one of these patients treated with a nightguard. To ensure time or finances don't become a barrier, Dr. Fung recommends controlling the process by 3D printing these appliances with SprintRay Pro.


"By 3D printing these appliances with SprintRay Pro, I’m able to control more of this process and bring this service in-house, which not only cuts down on cost and lab fees, but shortens the delivery of the nightguard from about 2 weeks to just 24 hours."


In this case presentation recap, a patient with tightness of the masseters and discomfort attributed to a parafunctional bruxism occurring at night, was treated by providing a flat plane occlusal splint with even contacts.


Read the full Case Presentation here!

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