ImpactDesign™ -Choosing the Optimal Delivery Unit Video

Choosing the Optimal Delivery Unit

How do you determine the optimal delivery unit for you?

In this brief video, Dr. Jeff Carter and a team of experts answer this question in an ImpactDesign™ seminar. Making your dental practice as successful as it can be is a big job—one that extends well beyond the elements of practice management that you learned in dental school. The ImpactDesign™ seminar, led by Dr. Jeff and Pat Carter, IIDA of Practice Design Group (PDG) and sponsored by Midmark Corporation, can help you achieve your ideal dental practice through a personalized, interactive discussion about efficient, effective dental-specific design principles.

Consider these two factors:

First, From which clock position do you perform the majority of your dental procedures?

Second, how important is it to minimize the patient view of the doctor’s module and handpieces?


Dr. Carter discusses the issues both right and left-hand operators face, and how to handle them. Watch the video for more information, then visit