Quad-Tray Line: Discussion with Peter Jordan- Video

The Quad Tray Xtreme is a dual-arch, disposable impression tray. Designed to prevent impression distortion, the Quad-Tray Xtreme is made from rigid aluminum instead of plastic, ensuring no distortion when placed intraorally or upon removal. This eliminates the need for retakes and excessive occlusal adjustment.

For over a decade, the Quad-Tray has been dentistry’s first and best-selling impression tray. Compared with plastic trays, the Quad-Tray is built strong, designed for accuracy. Watch this short video of Peter Jordan, president of Clinician’s Choice, as he discusses the design features of the Quad-Tray. Then click here to visit our product page! Or here to learn more about the entire Quad-Tray Line. 

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