Aeras Utility: The Smart Way to Power Your Practice Video

Aeras Utility: The Smart Way to Power Your Practice

Increase maintenance efficiency, reduce the risk of service interruptions, and rely on your warranty for longer with the new Aeras Compressor and Aeras Vacuum System.


When the tools you use can communicate with each other, that's smart. When they can communicate with YOU, that's Aeras.


The new Aeras platform from DENTALEZ shares information, and streamlines maintenance for your back office equipment. DENTALEZ's Ramvac Aeras Vacuum System and Compressor continuously monitor their performance via embedded sensors to detect any little issue... and automatically shares real-time, diagnostic data with you and your service provider.


Upon receiving the notification, highly-trained technicians will handle the follow-up, while you remain focused on your practice. This allows issues to be addressed efficiently so you can avoid a potential shutdown, lost revenue, and upset patients.


To learn more, visit the Aeras Compressor and Aeras Vacumm System pages, or!



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