SonicFill 3: A Good Product Made Better Video

SonicFill 3: The Advanced System

Introducing KaVo Kerr’s SonicFill 3. Like its predecessors, SonicFill 3 replaces time-consuming, multistage layering with a single-fill composite system that eliminates the need for a liner or final capping layer.  KaVo Kerr has advanced the system, resulting in a myriad of upgrades that can only be found in the SonicFill 3. It is the only sonic-activated bulk fill composite system that helps clinicians craft quality restorations in one efficient step.

Our team of Dental Product Shopper Evaluators were excited to see the improvements made on the product line.

To find out what they thought, watch this video! Then, click here for more product information.

sonic fill 3 bulkfill info sheet

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