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One-Step, Self-Retracting Impression Material

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No cord. Self-retracting. That combination not only sounds innovative, it sounds less uncomfortable than having cord packed around a prep. NoCord VPS from Centrix is unique—it does the gingival retracting work for you (with no trauma to the gingiva), and it provides hemostasis at the same time. Plus there is nothing new to learn: just follow the traditional wash and tray technique.

The NoCord VPS system includes NoCord Wash, NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials, along with all the other components needed to make an impression: Centrix’s 3.n.One Impression Dual Arch Trays, and SuperMixer high-efficiency mixing nozzles and needle tips. For best results, the system accessories should be used together because if other wash materials are substituted, bleeding and fluid control will probably be an issue. Other things that will have a negative effect on procedure outcome and product performance are contact with sources of sulfur (such as latex gloves, ferric sulfate solutions, etc), which can interfere with setting.

The NoCord Wash material contains 15% alum, which constricts capillary oozing, controls bleeding, and “displaces” gingival crevicular fluids. The combination of the wash with the NoCord Megabody Tray Material drives the wash completely into the sulcus without any poking about with an explorer, and captures bubble-free margins for a clear, final impression. This results in capturing the details required for dimensional stability and, in the end, precise-fitting restorations that will need little to no adjustment before final seating. Additionally, the definite color contrast is excellent for table top scanning.

According to Centrix, this step-saving system can save about 3 minutes a procedure in cases that call for impressioning temporary or permanent crowns and bridges, implants, veneers, and dentures. Click here for more details and testimonials, here to watch product videos.

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