Case Study: Maxillary Anterior Crowns

Published Date 10/10/2017


The maxillary incisors presented with severe lingual and incisal wear necessitating placement of full coverage crowns. Following crown preparation, NoCord VPS Wash material was expressed into the sulcus of the prepared teeth (Fig 1). Additional NoCord Wash material was added to completely cover the prepared teeth (Fig 2). A dual-arch tray was filled with NoCord MegaBody tray material (Fig 3) and inserted intraorally, with the patient occluding into the loaded tray (Fig 4). Following setting of the impression material intraorally (3.5 minutes), the tray was removed, demonstrating detailed crisp margins around the prepared teeth (Fig 5). The unique characteristics of NoCord VPS enable the clinician to skip the retraction (cord or paste) while achieving hemostasis with the NoCord wash impression material.


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