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Published Date 06/03/2019
The One-Stop Restorative Shop
Tokuyama offers an end-to-end suite of solutions that restore with strength, simplicity,  and esthetics
tokuyama-esteleite.jpgAchieving a simple and esthetic direct restoration is the result of multiple factors, including the right products. Tokuyama Dental offers a suite of time-saving solutions to help you restore at every step.

After a century of innovation in multiple fields— including information, electronics, healthcare, and energy—Tokuyama opened its doors to dentistry with the goal of simplifying dental procedures for clinicians across the globe.

An unprecedented breakthrough in Spherical Filler Technology shook up the composite market by marking the first use of supranano spherical filler particles in its Estelite composites, which are now well-known for their artful blend of simplicity and esthetics. The innovation continues to grow beyond composites in an effort to provide clinicians with the essential tools for direct restorative success.

Bulk Simplicity
Simplifying the restorative procedure often comes down to time and technique—two factors that are lessened through the use of bulk-fill composites. Recently evaluated for DPS, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow achieved Best Product status after a team of clinicians found that it easily flows into cavities up to 4 mm while maintaining its shade, opacity, and glossiness.

“Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has the ability to adapt to the Class II interproximal box,” said Dr. Randy Halihan. “It is rapidly curable, has excellent compressive strength, and the longest wear among market competitors.”

Where strength goes high, shrinkage stress goes low. Estelite Bulk Fill Flow offers a compressive strength that’s 52% higher than the leading flowable bulk-fill. It comes in 5 shades that have superior colormatching ability.

Completing the Suite
It takes more than a composite to create a durable and esthetic restoration. Prior to bonding, a 30-second application of Shield Force Plus can improve bond strength while virtually eliminating the risk of postop sensitivity. When used to treat dentinal hypersensitivity, its unique Double Block Technology penetrates dentinal tubules for an immediate layer of relief, while a second layer creates a protective barrier that shields dentin from abrasion and future sensitivity.

When it comes to adhesion, Bond Force allows clinicians flexibility to choose between self- or selective-etch based on the procedure at hand, while the active-chemistry in Tokuyama Universal Bond triggers self-curing and yields high bond strength. The 2-component, single application bonding agent can be used with any etch technique and is fully compatible with light-, self-, and dual-cured composite materials—with no need for additional activators or primers.
Tokuyama Universal Bond
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