Clean & Boost Develops the Strongest Bond

Published Date 10/18/2019


Clean & Boost

Cleans dentin and enamel surfaces for improved adhesion and long-term results


CleanBoost Dental Material Clinicians want to be certain that their bonding material achieves optimal adhesion to dentin and, ultimately, that their restorations hold up over the long term. Yet, creating a sufficient bond means having a clean cavity devoid of contamination.

While some self-etch cements and adhesives may lack the ability to thoroughly prepare the enamel—resulting in marginal staining, microleakage, and marginal wear—Apex Dental Material’s Clean & Boost roughens enamel and dentin surfaces to promote bonding and produce more profound margins. At the same time, the material disinfects surfaces to help eliminate bacteria and reduce the opportunity for secondary caries.

“Clean & Boost provides additional confidence that the tooth surface is ready for developing the strongest bond possible with my bonding agent and cement of choice,” said Dr. James Falk, a Dental Product Shopper evaluator who practices in Phoenix, AZ.

Water alone cannot sufficiently clean off contaminants before the final delivery of a restoration, and the residual layer can block dentin tubules and lead to numerous issues, including sensitivity and debonds. Clean & Boost uses a unique blend of ingredients to lift and suspend contaminants in solution so they can be easily and completely rinsed from the tooth surface.

“The first time I used Clean & Boost, I saw that the preparation was etched, and after rinsing I knew then that the restoration would have a good seal," Dr. Paul Olenyn of Burke, VA, commented.

Dr. Falk echoed this sentiment, adding, "This prebonding cleaning solution provides additional confidence that the tooth surface is ready for developing the strongest bond possible with my bonding agent and cement of choice."

Because Clean & Boost is completely rinsed from the tooth surface after use, it is compatible with all other dental materials—including various generations of adhesives and cements creating a properly prepared enamel surface and an ideal starting point for the restorative procedure.

“I am truly impressed with the product and have since made it a part of my daily restorative protocol,” added Dr. Falk.


Clean and Boost Material


Cleanse the Surface with 3 Simple Steps:


1. With the enclosed flow-thru brush tip, apply Clean & Boost to the surface to be cleansed, ensuring the surface is completely saturated.

2. Using the delivery brush tip, agitate the Clean & Boost on the surface for 10 seconds.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

Clean & Boost
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