Direct from the Operatory: Tuff-Temp Plus

Published Date 02/22/2019

October 10, 2018

by Robert A. Lowe, DDS

In the clinical environment, an artistically contoured and well-marginated provisional restoration nurtures the gingival tissues with proper marginal seal and emergence profiles during the interim phase of treatment. A provisional matrix can be fabricated from the pre-operative stone model / composite mock up using a clear plastic stent material and a thermoplastic suck down device. After the teeth are prepared (Figure 1), Tuff-Temp Plus is dispensed into a matrix and placed on the prepared teeth for approximately two minutes. Once the Tuff-Temp Plus provisional shell is recovered from the matrix, a sharp lead pencil is used to delineate margins and the contact zones proximally, so they are not accidentally damaged during the trimming process.


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Tuff-Temp Plus
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