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Published Date 07/26/2018

Many studies have demonstrated that conventional mandibular dentures are unable to properly restore masticatory function or improve the quality of life of most patients. Implant-supported overdentures are a valid treatment option for edentulous patients.


Zest Dental Solutions, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental implant attachments, pioneered the self-aligning overdenture attachment to combat the damage done by the improper seating of overdentures, and the company has continued to improve on this technology in recent years.


Its next-generation removable attachment system, the LOCATOR R-Tx, features a progressive design, system simplicity, and a stronger DuraTec coating. Dr. Michael Scherer had been successfully using the traditional LOCATOR abutment in his practice for 10 years, so when Zest introduced the R-Tx, he wanted to try it right away.


“In fact, I treated the first patient with LOCATOR R-Tx. It was a game-changer because they took the best features of the original LOCATOR abutment and made it better,” said Dr. Scherer.


Composed of multiple layers of titanium carbon nitride and titanium nitride, the patent-pending DuraTec coating provides a harder, more wear-resistant abutment exterior. In fact, it’s over 30% harder, has more than 25% greater wear resistance, and possesses nearly a 65% reduction in surface roughness compared to Zest’s titanium nitride coating.


“Distinctly different with the original titanium nitride coating on the legacy LOCATOR abutment, the DuraTec coating on R-Tx is harder, stronger, and smoother,” said Dr. Scherer.


One of LOCATOR’s strengths has been its nylon retention insert that pivots within the denture during insertion/removal, resulting in a resilient system that has allowed patients to seat their overdenture without damaging the components, even in the presence of divergence or convergence between implants. Patented modifications to the Denture Attachment Housing now allow it to pivot up to 30° over the seated LOCATOR R-Tx Nylon Retention Inserts, eliminating the need for pre-angled abutments.


“This is so important in maxillary overdenture cases because the anterior ridges are often angled. This helps decrease the amount of prosthetic complications, decrease wear on the inserts, and lessen visits back to my office for insert changes,” Dr. Scherer explained.


With the same restorative techniques as the legacy product, the LOCATOR R-Tx is configured to provide solutions with easier delivery by the dentist to the patient and is offered with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Zest Dental Solutions.

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