FluoroDose: Simple & Effective Caries Prevention

Published Date 03/19/2020


Great-tasting fluoride varnish offers the maximum dose of sodium fluoride in a unit-dose delivery


Fluorodose LollicaineCelebrating its 50th anniversary this May, Centrix is a leading manufacturer in creating top-quality and effective dental products. And, through its Prevention for Life program, Centrix is also a leader in spreading awareness on how to deliver preventive care to patients of all ages. A combination of educational tools, preventive products, and transparent doctor-patient communication, Prevention for Life ensures that adult patients, who have historically fallen through the cracks when it comes to preventive care, understand their unique caries risk. CAMBRA risk assessment forms are provided to help patients understand their risk level.

A key tool in the Prevention for Life program is FluoroDose, a fluoride varnish containing 5% sodium fluoride that remains on the tooth for 4 to 6 hours. Easy unit-dose delivery costs less than $1 and takes only a minute to apply. Routine application of FluoroDose is a simple yet effective way to prevent caries and maintain patients’ oral health.

“Prevention for Life is a lifelong commitment for both the patient and the oral care provider,” said Dr. Fay Goldstep, who follows the program in her Toronto, Canada, practice. “The practice gets a patient for life, while the patient gets customized treatment from day one.”

FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish
Centrix, Inc.
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