Published Date 06/22/2018

Your operatory is likely stocked to the gills with masks and gloves, which act as crucial barriers to protect you and your patients from the bacteria, viruses, and deadly pathogens harboring in blood and saliva—plus the dental instruments they come in contact with. But let’s not forget that these microorganisms are also setting up shop on your operatory surfaces, adding to the threat of crosscontamination.


According to the Journal of Oral Microbiology, the oral cavity is a natural habitat for numerous microorganisms, which can stay trapped on operatory surfaces for days, weeks, and months—even years. Because of the open and invasive nature of dental procedures, the risk of exposure to these microorganisms is amplified.


Here's a selection of surface disinfectants and masks on the market today that are designed to fight against infections and keep your operatory in check.


Surface Disinfectants
Featuring an ethanol base and low toxicity rating, the EPA-registered COEfect MinuteWipes from GC America have a 1-minute kill time of 25 pathogens. The bactericidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal can be used to clean and disinfect an operatory, sterilization bay, or contaminated area.


Monarch Surface Disinfectant Spray from Air Techniques has an ethanolbased, bleach-free formula that kills tuberculosis, bacteria, and fungi in just 1 minute. As a one-step cleaner and disinfectant that can be used on hard, nonporous operatory surfaces, the fragrance-free spray offers a fast, effective way to prevent crosscontamination.


CaviWipes from Kerr TotalCare use the same power in CaviCide surface disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner to fight against tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, viruses, and bacteria in the operatory. The durable, nonabrasive towelettes offer good surface contact and fluid capacity.


Dentsply Sirona's VoloWipes disinfect in 2 minutes, providing protection from tuberculocidal, virucidal, and bactericidal microorganisms on hard, nonporous surfaces. The sturdy, absorbent wipes are 19% larger than standard wipes.


DisCide Ultra from Palmero Healthcare is a 1-step, hospital-level disinfectant, cleaner, and decontaminant that kills over 27 deadly pathogens in 1 minute or less. The noncorrosive and nonstaining EPA-registered formula—available in liquid, spray, or large-sized towelettes—leaves behind a pleasant herbal scent.


Designed with sensitive skin in mind, Medicom's Safe+Mask SofSkin Level 1 barrier mask has a cellulose-blended inner layer that stays soft throughout procedures with a unique working technology that keeps the face dry and comfortable. Low differential pressure provides excellent breathability.


For added protection against body fluids and blood, Repel 4-Ply Face Masks from Cranberry have an innovative Hydro Guard layer that provides superior fluid resistance. The masks offer ASTM Level 3 protection that exceeds the most stringent standards for synthetic blood penetration at 160 mmHg.


Maxi-Gard AF2 Anti-Fog Earloop Procedure Masks from Henry Schein feature outer and inner spunbound layers with a white, nonwoven antifog strip that reduces fog while increasing comfort. They're also fluid resistant and have an adjustable nosepiece.


Com-Fit Plush hypoallergenic face masks from Dentsply Sirona contain an innovative inner material that feels silky soft on the skin, and gentle earloops and a curved nosepiece produce a pleasant fit. The masks are available in ASTM levels 1 to 3.


Ecobee's BeeSure Floral Design Face Masks combine comfort, esthetics, and protection. They are 100% latex-free with a CoolSilk lint- and dye-free inner layer. An exclusive quad-fold design offers 15% more breathing volume.

Safe+Mask SofSkin
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