Published Date 06/02/2011


Centrix? focus on making dentists lives easier has resulted in an aseptic product that is simple to use.

Benzocaine has been used in dentistry as a topical anesthetic for many years. The most common use in dentistry is to apply a 20% solution of benzocaine to the soft-tissue prior to needle injections. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry in 2005 concluded that benzocaine ?provides a rapid onset of pain relief and a relatively long duration of action.?1

Benzocaine was initially supplied as a spray or liquid, which was to be applied to dry mucus membranes for optimum absorption. But benzocaine?s bitter taste made it very difficult to apply liquids or sprays to the injection site. Companies then began to seek flavored gels to make placement easier and more accurate.

That is when LolliCaine, by Centrix, entered the market. Introduced in 1999, LolliCaine gel was developed to adhere easily to soft tissue while the popular flavors?Bubble Gum, Cherry, Mint, and Pina Colada (pineapple)?were chosen to mask the bitter taste.

Easily Dispensed

Originally, benzocaine gels were packaged in bulk jars. Dispensing to the patient required the dentist to open the jar, dip a cotton swab into the jar, and apply. This opened up several potential areas of cross-contamination risk, which increased each time the jar was re-opened and used. LolliCaine eliminated this potential problem by packaging the benzocaine gel in single-use LolliPacks. Each unit contains one single dose of LolliCaine gel plus one clean swab applicator. Simply peel back the cover, dip the swab into the gel, apply, then dispose of the entire unit.

Besides the aseptic nature of the package, this concept has been very successful in schools, large clinics, and everywhere a shared jar of bulk material would pose problems in dispensing.

Time Savers

Centrix officials tout their ability to do everything possible to make dentists lives easier and practices more productive. The LolliCaine line ties in nicely with that mission and Centrix manufactures other products that facilitate time management, including AccuDose, Benda Brush, C-R Syringes, GingiTrac, and Encore D/C MiniMix.

Centrix officials note in their mission statement that eliminating the mixing, setup and cleanup are some of the practical challenges the company tackles. They also are committed to speeding up and easing material placement with creative and efficient solutions.

LolliCaine is available in boxes of 120 single-use for $39.95 (suggested retail).


1. Hersh EV, Stoopler ET, Secreto SA. A study of benzocaine gel dosing for toothache. J Clin Dent. 2005;16 (4):103-108.

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