Monarch Lines Cleaner: A Powerful Clean

Published Date 08/14/2020


Monarch Lines Cleaner

Powerful, pH-neutral formula for cleaning dental unit waterlines provides shock and maintenance treatment in one bottle without the use of harsh chemicals

Monarch Lines CleanerNever in a million years did I think I would have to worry about bacteria building up in our waterlines,” said Dr. Jeffrey Briney, echoing a thought likely shared by many of his peers.

After moving his office to a new location a few years ago with brand-new equipment, including bottle-contained delivery units, Dr. Briney’s cleaning routine for waterlines was to regularly fill the water-bottle system in each operatory with distilled water. He assumed this was enough to maintain clean lines and control microbial contamination since his equipment had hardly been used yet. It wasn’t until Dr. Briney submitted water samples from each operatory in his practice that he realized the hard truth: not all routines are created equal.

Dr. Briney said he was surprised to discover that none of the samples from his 5 operatories met the EPA regulatory standards for drinking water.

“While I was embarrassed by the results, it motivated me to get my lines back to the expected standard of care,” he said.

During his DPS evaluation of Air Techniques’ Monarch Lines Clean­er, Dr. Briney’s office implemented an initial shock treatment followed by 6 weeks of routine cleaning. The waterlines in all 5 operatories were retested after that and yielded a result of 0 CFU/mL.

“Pardon the pun, but I was com­pletely shocked and relieved to know my waterlines were back to health and there was no concern for patient safety,” he shared.

Jeffrey Briney, DDS
"To say Monarch Lines Cleaner will consistently keep your waterlines safe is an understatement."
-Jeffrey Briney, DDS


Gentle Yet Effective

Designed for both shock and maintenance treatment, Monarch Lines Cleaner removes biofilm con­taining odor-causing bacteria from dental unit waterlines with a fast, effective, and efficient application. The solution is ready to use with no mixing or diluting required. After coating the tubing walls nightly for 3 weeks to ensure waterline build­up is eliminated, Monarch Lines Cleaner should be used weekly. It is gentle on equipment and does not damage metals, clog valves, leave stains, or cause foaming.

“I feel at ease knowing this for­mula can be left in lines overnight without risk of breaking down the internal structure of the lines,” said Dr. Briney. He recommends that other practices take a hard look at their own waterline cleaning routines, as he did, and test the waters. “To say Monarch Lines Cleaner will consistently keep your waterlines safe is an under­statement,” he concluded.

All in the Family

Monarch Lines Cleaner is just one member of the growing Monarch family of infection prevention solutions, which uses a color-coded system to make it easy for dental professionals to reach for the right product to clean surfaces, equipment, instruments, and hands and skin.

Monarch Lines Cleaner
Air Techniques
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