New Product: Evanesce

Published Date 03/24/2017

Seamlessly blends into the tooth with margins that disappear

The ability of a composite restoration to disappear into the surrounding tooth structure ranks highly on any clinician’s wish list for the ideal composite restorative material. Other “musts” include exceptional handling, strength and polishabilty.

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products has recently introduced EVANESCE Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative material. This nano-hybrid composite features the ideal characteristics of a direct restorative material to replace natural tooth structure, and performs equally as well in anterior as it does in posterior applications, making it truly universal.

Formulated with a proprietary process that optimizes the refractive index of its unique nano pigments and fillers, clinicians will appreciate how it seamlessly blends into the tooth—with margins that simply disappear.

Special modifiers within EVANESCE enable anatomy to be sculpted without slumping. EVANESCE can be adapted to the preparation or thinned out along the tooth’s surface without fear of pull-back or sticking. It stays exactly where it is placed and a highly polished surface is quickly achieved with little effort, resulting in both time-saving efficiency and an esthetic result.

“EVANESCE is suitable for single-shade restorations, as well as the most demanding restorations where multiple shades and translucencies are required to match the adjacent teeth,” said Peter Jordan, President of CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products.

EVANESCE is available in the most popular VITA shades with 3 opacity options: Universal (85% opacity), Enamel (80% opacity), and Dentin (90% opacity). To further enhance esthetic enamel characterization, 3 Enamel “FX” shades are available: White, Incisal and Clear, as well as 2 Bleach shades.

EVANESCE Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative material is distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental.

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