Product Focus: NeoBurr 5572 Friction Grip Carbide Burs

Published Date 04/13/2017

Single-piece construction and a unique blended neck design ensure toughness while reducing chatter



Dentists know that burs typically break at the worst possible times—when they’re needed the most. With the NeoBurr 557(2), Microcopy set out to design a bur that makes breakage a thing of the past. After determining that a bur’s weakest point is typically the neck, Microcopy gave the NeoBurr 557(2) a patented blended neck design and a singlepiece carbide construction that distributes forces along the entire length of the bur to virtually eliminate breakage even during demanding procedures. Combined with blades that are engineered for smooth, fast cutting, the NeoBurr 557(2) ensures that dental procedures are performed more effectively, more efficiently, and with improved safety, according to the manufacturer.



Considering all the burs dentists go through each year, the high marks given to NeoBurr 557(2) by Dental Product Shopper evaluators are a testament to its strength. Commenting on ease of use, Dr. Michael Teitelbaum said, “This bur eats porcelain for lunch and doesn’t break when it gets to metal.” He added, “The other burs I tried cut slowly with chatter and even broke, but these cut through like a hot knife through butter.” But that’s not to say that the NeoBurr 557(2) doesn’t enable the finesse dentists need during a procedure. “It isn’t overly aggressive and cuts very well without chatter,” noted Dr. Russell Tankersley. Dr. Susan Frank added that it’s a goodquality bur with low chatter. The NeoBurr 557(2) also allowed Dr. Tanya Orr to keep bone removal to a very minimum to practice conservative dentistry, even during extraction, and Dr. John Horn said he used approximately 100 burs and experienced no breakage during any of his procedures.



One evaluator, Dr. Albert Clark, was so curious as to how much pressure the NeoBurr 557(2) could withstand that he tried to deliberately break one with excessive force and torque. This self-guided experiment led him to conclude that the bur is “very durable.” Reflecting on his experience during a typical patient procedure, he added, “The cut is smoother and requires less pressure than burs we are using.”



NeoBurr 5572 Carbide Bur
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