Product Spotlight: Hygiene Operatory

Published Date 02/08/2019
Enter Dentsply Sirona, whose sweeping range of preventive products enable the delivery of safe, efficient care throughout the hygiene operatory—from the ultrasonic scalers, handpiece systems designed specifically with hygienists in mind, varnishes, and prophy pastes that help ensure success in assessing and treating patients, to the masks and instrument covers that keep staff and patients safe during an appointment. Together, these solutions empower the preventive process from setup through treatment.

Mandy Macachor, a hygienist whose operatory in Whitefish Bay, WI, pictured above, is stocked with Dentsply Sirona tools, can certainly see the value of using a single vendor for the hygiene armamentarium. If there’s a product she needs, a question that needs to be asked, or troubleshooting to be done, she knows exactly who to call and gets peace of mind that the issue will be quickly solved by a familiar face. Working with a sole provider has created a team atmosphere—with manufacturer and clinicians working together toward a common goal of efficient and successful patient care.

“They genuinely want our practice to succeed,” she said of the Dentsply Sirona team.
Freedom from cords and foot pedals is just one perk when using the Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System, thanks to innovative SmartMode Technology. Automatically adjust the speed and power of the prophy cup by simply pressing it against the tooth—eliminating cord drag and creating a more pleasant polishing experience for both you and your patients.
The Hygienist’s Take
“While in hygiene school, I did a rotation at a children’s hospital where we used the Nupro Freedom. It was great because the handpiece is cordless and lightweight, and I could easily change the speed of the polishing angle, which was really helpful when I had a wiggly little one in the chair!”
—Mandy Macachor, RDH
A Workday Made Simple
The preventive solutions from Dentsply Sirona guide Macachor through her daily hygiene appointments from setup to cleanup, but she reaps the most benefits during professional cleanings.
“I’m a newer hygienist, so my education emphasized the benefits of using the Cavitron,” said Macachor, who now uses the ultrasonic scaler on 9 out of 10 patients she treats in a day. “I have patients who I am certain my hand instruments would not remove that level of calculus off their teeth—no matter how much pressure or how sharp they are.”

She recently treated a patient who spent some time living in Japan and hadn’t been keeping up with his cleanings. “This was his first time back at the dentist as a young adult and he was intimidated by the process, because he had neglected his oral hygiene,” she shared. “I think that using the Cavitron tip made it an easier, more comfortable process for him.”

In previous offices, Macachor used an ultrasonic scaler that was a separate unit. Now, the Cavitron is fully integrated into the practice’s Intego treatment centers, which she says is what helps her the most on a day-to-day basis and has significantly sped up her workflow.
Edward Lew, DMD
—Mandy Macachor, RDH

Polishing to Perfection
When it comes to polishing, the Nupro RDH handpiece is also a star of Macachor’s day due to its quiet, lightweight operation that makes patients feel at ease. “Polishing should be the part of the appointment that makes everyone feel good; it makes their teeth feel shiny and smooth. If you have something that has a loud motor to it, you can see patients become uncomfortable just from the sound of it.”

The ergonomic handpiece is designed to neutralize hand position and offers a 360° cord swivel to improve maneuverability and access. Macachor appreciates its nonslip grip, which helps when she’s trying to fulcrum or on people who have teeth that are out of position. “It just allows me to angle it a little bit better without it slipping out of my hand,” she said. Another benefit is in the control it affords the user. “I can take my foot on and off the pedal without having saliva and paste spray all over the place.”
Macachor pairs the hygiene handpiece with Nupro Prophy Paste, which comes in color-coded grit options for different levels of stain so it’s easy to grab the right paste for the patient. “It has just the right amount of grit to help eliminate stain, as well as smooth and polish the enamel without being too gritty or causing any micro scratches to the enamel,” she said.
For hypersensitivity relief, Macachor uses Nupro White Varnish with 5% sodium fluoride, which releases a high level of fluoride over a short, 2-hour wear period. Available in 5 flavors, the varnish is easy to apply—even to wet teeth. It is very visible during application and sets to a clear finish. “It comes in just the right consistency, where it’s not too thick or causing the patient to have a gag reflex,” she shared.

At the end of the day, the Dentsply Sirona hygiene operatory is designed to empower dental professionals in the delivery of better, safer, and faster care, and to provide the best possible experience and outcomes.
Scaling and polishing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dentsply Sirona’s role in the hygiene operatory. Let’s not forget about infection control products that help keep staff and patients safe.
Com-Fit Plush Natural Fit Masks feature a patent-pending elastic chin strap designed to conform to your natural face structure, as well as soft ear loops and inner material. They offer powerful protection through 98.8% particle filtration at 0.1 micron. Size is key when it comes to quickly and efficiently disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorizing the operatory. VoloWipes are 19% larger than standard wipes to offer fast disinfection against tuberculocidal, virucidal, and bactericidal microorganisms in just 2 minutes.

Disposa-Shield barriers, available in multiple shapes and sizes, help keep instruments like handpieces and syringes free from cross-contamination and decrease cleanup time between patients. Resurge Instrument Cleaning Solution provides maximum cleaning power for a high volume of instruments.
Smoother Radiographs
X-rays are often the first step during a hygiene appointment, so it’s important to start things off smoothly with a patient. Snap-A-Ray Digital Sensor Holders and color-coded AimRight Adhesive Tabs help protect and position Dentsply Sirona digital sensors, such as Schick 33, which produce high-resolution diagnostic images for the best possible patient results.
NUPRO Prophy Paste
Dentsply Sirona
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