Product Spotlight: Practice Marketing

Published Date 04/17/2019
As a practice owner, your most burning question is how to get more patients through the door—right? To answer it, take a look at the ways in which patients can find your practice today. Is your website mobile-friendly? Are you leveraging social media? Do your patients hear from you when they have an appointment? If not, then there is more you can do to attract new patients.

In today’s crowded dental marketplace, you need to keep the patients you already have, attract new patients, and differentiate your practice from the competition. This requires constant marketing using multiple activities across different channels—a task that most dentists just don’t have time to tackle.

Practice Marketing from Henry Schein One can help you maximize the mileage from your marketing budget with industry-leading online technology that automates marketing activities such as email campaigns, online reviews, and website optimization.

Here are some tips to ensure your marketing plan is designed to achieve your practice’s revenue goals.

Leverage the Web
In today’s tech-savvy culture, a website isn’t just a means to share your practice offerings, it’s the key to attracting new patients. Website design and hosting services are just the beginning. Send targeted email campaigns, track leads, and create engaging content on blogs and social media channels. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your practice website reaches the top of a patient’s Google search.
Henry Schein One is a powerful new engine that merges industry leading practice management software with web-based apps and integrated e-services that combine practice management, marketing, and patient engagement into one connected system. Using one platform for all empowers you to improve the patient journey—from first contact to scheduling to clinical treatment and billing.
Keep Patients Engaged
Engaging patients while they’re in the office is great, but customer loyalty is built outside the practice, too. In addition to emailing and texting appointment reminders, reach out to inactive patients and lead recare campaigns. If that sounds like a daunting task, fear not. Campaigns can be set up once and then automatically sent out over the course of the year for birthdays, holiday greetings, local events, special offers, and more.

Manage Your Brand
Maintaining your practice brand is equally as important as building it. It’s easy to collect reviews from patients, protect against fraudulent ones, and send out satisfaction surveys after an appointment. Find out how your practice ranks on Google, keep your online practice listings updated, and see how your office stacks up against local competition. Realtime social media and online review monitoring keeps you one step ahead of the conversation.
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