Tempit® Line from Centrix

Published Date 02/16/2017

3 Unique Products, One Complete Kit: Tempit® from Centrix

Short-term temps: Tempit is moisture activated, expands when set to completely seal an opening

Medium-term temps: Tempit L/C sets firm but flexible, east to remove with an instrument

Longer-term temps: Tempit Ultra-F, harder wearing for long term cases, fluoride release, great for bruxers


Whether your need is for access cavity sealing, temporary fillings, or temporization prior to inlay and onlay restorations, Centrix has a specific Tempit formula to give you optimum results. Tempit prefilled tips let you inject direct-to-the-prep. No more messy spatulation, squeeze tubes or cross-contaminating jars.


Tempit moisture activated temporary filling and sealing materialTempit®

Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling and Sealing Material
Ideal for endo access openings and short-term temporaries
Moisture-activated, sets in 5 minutes or less
Expands slightly when set, seals out microleakage and bacterial ingress

  • Contains calcium sulfate and zinc oxide

Contains: 30 x .35g prefilled tips of Tempit


Tempit L/C light activated temporary material for restorationsTempit® L/C

Light-Activated, Flexible Temporary Restorative Material
Sets firm yet flexible
Perfect for indirect restorations, inlays/onlays

  • Seals implant screw access openings
  • Easily removed with an explorer without damaging the margins, no bur required
  • Light-activated, sets in 40 seconds or less
  • No etching or bonding agent required
  • Can be used to cover sharp orthodontic brackets

Contains: 30 x .25g prefilled tips of Tempit L/C


Tempit Ultra-F provisional material with fluorideTempit® Ultra-F

Light-Activated, Rigid Longer-term Temporary Restorative Material with Fluoride
Perfect for longer-term temporaries

  • High compressive strength for bruxers
  • Ideal for tooth-colored restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Rigid, harder-wearing material, non-eugenol formula with fluoride release
  • Less solubility than reinforced ZOE intermediate restorative material
  • Light-activated, sets in 40 seconds or less
  • No etching or bonding agent required

Contains: 30 x .20g prefilled tips of Tempit Ultra-F


Tempit® Essentials

Three Products in One Kit
Three proven temporary filling and sealing materials for every temporary clinical case.
Contains: 10 x .35g prefilled tips of Tempit, 10 x .25g prefilled tips of Tempit L/C, 10 x .20g prefilled tips of Tempit Ultra-F


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