Category Spotlight: Vista Tips Featuring MST

Published Date 09/24/2019

Category Spotlight


Sidestep Waste with Material Saving Technology 

Vista Dental tips designed to reduce waste during application by up to 87%


New and exciting chemistries in restorative materials present the ability to create stronger and more esthetic restorations. However, because many of today’s advanced products come with higher costs, every application counts. Conventional application tips trap a significant amount of material inside the Conventional Tips vs. MST Tipshub, wasting some of the product and draining your office of key materials—a costly expense in the long term.

Vista Dental Products has come up with a more economic and efficient solution, putting a clever twist on commonly used tips. Application tips designed with Material Saving Technology (MST) have the ability to significantly reduce waste, without any extra effort from the clinician.

“This product was created based on feedback from dental practitioners who were frustrated by the amount of expensive material wasted by standard tips,” said Nick Pond, Product Manager for Vista Dental. “Vista Dental aimed to solve this problem by creating a tip design that minimizes the internal volume of the hub.”

This unique design greatly reduces waste by up to 87%, allowing clinicians to use more of what they paid for. Tips featuring MST are ideal for getting the best value from costly materials. "MST significantly reduces waste, and there is the potential to save thousands of dollars annually," added Pond.


It's the Simple Things that Make All the Difference

To ensure you receive the best value from your materials, consider these 2 tip varieties that feature Vista Dental’s Material Saving Technology:

MST Visco-TipMST Universal Tip


MST Visco-Tip improves the flowability of viscous materials, serving as the only tip specially designed for bioceramic sealers. The unique, flexible 25-ga tip is ideal for use with bioceramic, pulp-capping, and flowable MTA materials, as well as calcium hydroxide pastes.

The MST Universal Tip is ideal for use with etchants, resins, flowable composites, and any other costly material. The 22-ga pre-bent, stainless-steel tips are opaque black with a photo-sensitive and universal luer lock-style hub





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