Raise Your Website's Ranking: Q&A

Published Date 10/21/2019

Raise Your Website’s Ranking with Ron Kaminer, DDS

Ron Kaminer, DDS

Your practice needs to keep up with advances in technology—not only in dentistry but also in our everyday lives. To that end, VivioSites is focused on helping independent dentists with all aspects of digital marketing. They specialize in getting your practice website up to the top of a Google search and converting website visitors into new patients for the practice. Dr. Ron Kaminer, who has practices in Hewlett and Oceanside, NY, shares how VivioSites helps keep his website fresh and on the first page of internet searches.


Q: How does SEO play a role in dental website design?

A: In dentistry, search engine optimization is an important digital marketing strategy used to drive traffic to a practice’s website. After VivioSites helped me develop an SEO plan for my practice, my site began ranking extremely well on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Now, when prospective patients search for teeth whitening and implants in my area, I come up on the first page of Google, which means I’m able to stay ahead of competing dental practice websites. In addition to attracting more users to my site, VivioSites helped to turn those users into patients by putting all of the information a new patient would need on the first page. Having an engaging home page that grabs attention through important content is the key to conversion.


Viviosites Website Design and Logo Q: Why is it important to have a mobile-friendly practice website?

A: I’ve seen many changes in dentistry over the years, but one constant is the goal of acquiring more patients—and most potential patients today are using their smartphones and tablets to search for dental services. With the goal of making the web more smartphone-friendly, Google is making the mobile version of a website the starting point for their index and the baseline for how they determine their rankings. In short, mobile optimization directly impacts the success of your SEO strategy. Because of VivioSites, patients can easily find me on their phones to see treatment services I provide and technologies that I use. Then, they can use the site to schedule an appointment and find directions to one of my offices.


Q: How did the VivioSites staff help you reach your unique goals?

A: The staff at VivioSites is very responsive. If I want to add or change content on a web page, I’ll send an email and it's taken care of right away. They also send me monthly reports on my site’s traffic, so I can see for myself how successful their efforts are. By working with a company that expertly handles search engine and mobile optimization while providing fast communication, practices will have a much easier time growing in today’s competitive market.

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