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Published Date 03/06/2019
Simplicity shouldn’t be a luxury in dentistry—it should be a right. That’s certainly the case for Encore D/C core buildup material from Centrix. Designed to build up the coronal core, or to fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth, and core together, this material helps take the guesswork out of preps. Here, Dr. Albert Natelli shares why Encore D/C is the go-to material for crown preps and beyond in his practice.
I practice general dentistry, but I particularly enjoy endodontics and do a ton of bone grafting and immediate implants, as well as same-day crowns. My procedure is typically to prep the tooth, remove all the recurrent decay, bond the tooth, add Encore D/C, finalize the preparation, and then impress it—whether that be through a traditional or a digital impression.

If I’m doing a crown prep, I remove the old restoration after I prep the tooth, especially if it’s amalgam. I do that because the composite cement we use today would rather bond to composite or tooth structure than amalgam. If it’s an all-ceramic restoration, I replace the amalgam with Encore D/C.

A patient recently came into the office with a bridge out. There was a little recurrent decay, so I placed Encore D/C in the area with the decay. I didn’t need to fully cure the material because it’s dual-cure. I just went ahead and placed it, fast cured with my light for 10 seconds, and then cemented the crown right on top of it with full confidence that the material would fully cure itself.

A Simply Fantastic Material
Core buildups are even simpler when you combine Encore D/C with Connexio, a 7th-generation self-etch, dual-cure adhesive. It's designed for use in core buildups that go deep in the canal, while dual-cure guarantees complete curing of all materials.

The simplicity of using Encore D/C is one of the main factors that makes it a fantastic material. I used to use composite for my core buildups, but I switched to using Encore D/C a few years ago and haven’t looked back. It flows great, fills the voids, and is just a fantastic material. Sometimes I’ll use it with a base, but sometimes I won’t. Another huge win is that I’ve seen virtually no postoperative sensitivity while using the core buildup material. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying that, but it’s been a great benefit.

Encore D/C definitely sets up better than other materials I’ve used, and it certainly preps easier. The delivery system is so easy, especially the MiniMix variety, which comes in unit-dose form so I use just what I need. When I am deeper in the canal or at the bottom of a post space, a dual-cure adhesive like Connexio, also from Centrix, provides the same dualcure security and allows my crowns to just drop in. I realize technique is also a factor, but I’m not dealing with an undercut or overcut when I use this material.

If your core buildup material is not working for you, or if you just want to try something different, then give Encore D/C a try—it’s outstanding.
Dr. Natelli earned his dental degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Under the wings of some incredible mentors, he went on to complete two residencies in oral surgery, which is when he realized his passion for planning, placing, and restoring dental implants. Eager to become a mentor himself, Dr. Natelli is a volunteer lecturer at the University of Connecticut, where he teaches diagnosis, treatment planning, and placement and restoration of dental implants. He volunteers for organizational dentistry in a variety of ways and currently practices in Southington, CT.
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